Continuous Rocker or 3 Stage Rocker?

continuous or 3 stage rocker

If the title means nothing to you, then you definitely need to read further. The ‘rocker’ refers to the actual shape of the board, from the nose to the tail. There are two main shapes for a wakeboard, a 'Continuous Rocker' and a '3 Stage Rocker'.

What is a Continuous rocker?

The original wakeboard shape, a continuous rocker has one smooth uninterupted curve from the nose to the tail. The continuous rocker will provide a fast, smooth ride and will allow you to turn more easily, as well as giving you lots of speed and a predictable pop (height) when hitting the wake. Continuous rocker wakeboards can also be ideal for carving, especially on those smooth waters.

Continuous Rocker

Pros of a Continuous rocker

  • Smooth, predictable release off the wake. Carries riders out and up, ideal for taking tricks out into the flats past the wake
  • Smooth landings, thanks to the water dispersion off the bottom of the board

Cons of a Continuous rocker

  • The wakeboard has more drag and is slower into the wake
  • Continuous rockers will not get as much pop off the wake as a 3 Stage rocker, which means more skill is required to get the same height

What is a 3 Stage Rocker?

A wakeboard with a 3 stage rocker features three separate planes on the bottom of the board and will cause your wakeboard to respond with more pop (height) when you hit the wake.

With a more dramatic rocker, a wakeboard has a loose or slippery feel on the surface of the water. In addition, the shape causes the board to plow rather than cut through the water, making it slower. Your fins can also become less effective resulting in you having to rely more on edging the wakeboard. Boards with a 3 stage rocker have a flat spot which can make the impact of landings pretty intense.

3 Stage Rocker

Pros of a 3 Stage rocker

  • The wakeboard rides higher in the water and so is faster into the wake resulting in more tension on the line
  • A more abrupt, explosive pop will send the rider higher into the air

Cons of a 3 stage rocker:

  • Landings can be very harsh because of the large flat surface under the wakeboard

Should you buy a wakeboard with a Continuous Rocker or a 3 Stage Rocker?

Nobody can answer this question for you, there are many factors that should influence your decision, such as your skill level, whether you ride behind a boat or at a cable and also what kind of tricks you like to perform.

If possible, my advice would be to try out both types of board to see which one works better for your situation.