Removable fins or molded fins?

Removable fins

The shape of the fins on your wakeboard as well as their length and depth will have a big impact on the feel of the ride.

Bigger fins will give you more control of the board in rough waters, but that extra control may hold you back if you plan to ride the obstacles at your local cable park. Some riders prefer the option of being able to remove them, others are happy with permanent fins.

Here is a brief summary of removable and molded fins to help you make the right decision when choosing your next wakeboard.

Removable fins

As the description would suggest, ‘removable fins’ will allow you to unscrew and remove your fins from the board. If you plan to ride the obstacles at a cable park, the lack of fins will give your board more flexibility and allow you to perform some tricks more easily - nose and tail presses become a lot more achievable.

In summary, it’s a lot more fun riding the obstacles without fins, but it will also be more unstable on the landings, which is not so good for beginners. Digging in with your heels to build tension for aerial tricks such as a raley or backroll will also be more difficult, because you don’t have the extra grip from the fin.

Molded fins

Traditionally, wakeboards were made with fins molded to the base and therefore not removable. These days, most boards with molded fins are built to try and accommodate all riding styles and situations, meaning no messing around with your screwdriver before each ride. Plenty of manufactures are still using molded fins on their boards for the all-round setup.

Removable fins or molded fins?

There is no doubt that the safest option for beginners, is definitely to ride a board with fins. Although, if you expect to progress quickly and you want to hit the obstacles then it might be worth going for a board with removable fins to give you that option.

However, as with most advice when it comes to choosing a wakeboard, there is no ‘one board fits all’. The board you choose should be suited to your ability and riding style as well as the location you plan to ride.

Ideally you would try out a couple different hire boards at your local cable park so you can make a decision yourself based on the feel of the board, rather than taking someones advice.