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Basic grab index

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In this video the six most basic grabs are explained. Along with that, the proper and improper way to perform these grabs is broken down and some tips are given on how to make your grabs look even better.

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How to - Basic grab index

Once you become comfortable with a trick it is time to make it your own by adding some style with a grab. Grabbing tricks, or even just doing straight grabs, can make your riding more unique, more interesting to watch, and even add more fun to the overall experience. The part of the board that you grab and whether you grab with your front or back hand can change what that grab is called.

In this video I will demonstrate some of the most basic and common grabs that are added to tricks. When grabbing a trick, even a straight air, it is important to keep in mind that you need to bring the grab to yourself and not just reach for it. This is done by sucking up one or both legs depending on the trick and grab being performed. Reaching for grabs can cause you to chase the grab throughout the trick as well as create bad body positions in the air that can lead to sloppy looking tricks or even falls.

The grabs shown in this video are shown from a rider point of view and all performed from a normal Heelside wake to wake jump in order to make it easier to understand. Regardless of jumping Toeside or Heelside the same grab names apply. Lets start with back hand grabs.

An Indy grab is done with the back hand on the Toeside edge of the board between the bindings. For a Tail grab, reach with the back hand and grab on the back tip or of tail of the board. A Stalefish grab is grabbed with the back hand on the Heelside edge of the board between the bindings.

Now for front hand grabs. To do a Mute the grab, grab with the front hand on the Toeside edge of the board between the bindings. For a Nose grab, reach with the front hand and grab the front tip or nose of the board. A Melan grabbed is with the front hand on the Heelside edge of the board between the bindings.

Now that you are familiar with the basic grabs, let’s go over some pointers to make your grabs look legit and not sloppy. Hand placement is key and can really change how stylish a grab is.

For tail and nose grabs be sure to grab directly on the tips of the board and not on the toe or heel edge.

For grabs between the bindings either on the heel or toe edge of the board, such as Indy, Mute, Stalefish, and Melan, the standard place to grab is directly in the middle of the bindings. Be sure not to grab outside of the binding on either the toe or heel edge. This is considered to be very sloppy.

On these grabs be sure not to grab towards the binding that is closest to the grabbing hand. For example, with an Indy or Stalefish grab, do not grab between the bindings closest to the back binding. For a Mute or Melan grab, do not grab in between the bindings closest to the front binding. Even though the grab is still between the bindings, grabbing in these spots is considered to be sloppy and looked at as poor style.

To add even more style to these grabs try reaching past middle. For example with an Indy or Stalefish grab, try reaching more towards the front binding when grabbing. With a Mute or Melan grab, try reaching more towards the back binding. Along with that try poking your grabs out, not only does this add more style to the grab but it can also help you reach past middle on some grabs and make your tricks look even better.

To be more well rounded with your riding, practice grabbing a trick in a different spot each time to mix it up a bit and try to hold the grabs as long as possible.
With these tips have some fun with adding some sweet style to your riding.

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