About wakeHQ

WakeHQ was started by Oliver West, a web designer and very keen wakeboarder. His idea for the project came about whilst struggling to find information on the net about the sport in the UK.

Oliver says...

“Whilst searching the web for a beginners guide to wakeboarding, I really struggled to find any decent UK site, all the best sites were American, which is great if you are in America, but for those in the UK wanting to learn more about the sport; where to ride, where to buy your gear, then American sites just don’t cut it.

I quickly realised there was a massive void for anyone in the UK wanting to get into the sport or for those regular riders who want to learn more about the sport in the UK. So I decided to start the project myself.

I think of it as a project, because it won't ever be complete, it should continue to expand and grow, possibly even change direction, as the sport does."

wakeHQ's goals

  1. Help promote wakeboarding to anyone unaware of the sport
  2. Offer guidance to anyone wanting to get involved with the sport
  3. Be the first port of call for anyone searching for information on the sport in the UK

wakeHQ is also supported by the wakeboarding community, people like you, that feel passionate about wakeboarding. We aim to continue to grow the site in all areas and welcome any suggestions for topics or features you want on the site so if you have any suggestions please get in touch.

Want to be a part of wakeHQ?

This website has been built for the wakeboarding community, so its important that the commuity its aimed at, play a part in the project. If you would like to be a part of the team and feel you have something to offer then please get in touch.