Grass Roots Tour in Brighton

Grass Roots Tour in Brighton

Stop 4 of Industry's Grass Roots Tour was Brighton's Lagoon Wake Park down on the not-so-sunny South Coast. Despite the miserable grey clouds and threats of torrential rain, the weather held out for what was a great event.

Hosted by pro riderĀ Scotty Broome and Industry's Toby Yeo along with the Lagoon's super staff, the event was organised very well and all categories were well represented, there were even a few staff thrown into the mix.

The riding was a great standard across all the categories; Wakeskate, Juniors, Ladies, Rookies, Inters and Open. The coveted spot of first place in the Opens was taken by Hove's very own hot talent Andy Alston, who was throwing more moves on each pass than the judges could keep track of. Andy showed his versatiliity by also bagging the top spot in the Wakeskate category.

There was a huge amount of enthusiasm among all the riders, regardless of ability which is always good to see. One of the primary goals of the Grass Roots Tour is to give riders of all skills the chance to compete in a competition, this tour is not just about the professional sponsored riders, although the overall winner of the tour does end up with sponsorship!

Great day, great riding, great chat - bring on the next one...

Grass Roots Tour Hove Lagoon results

Wakeskate podium

1st - Andrew Alston
2nd - Lei Vincent
3rd - Simon Tettmar

Juniors podium

1st - Matt Mepham
2nd - Urs Schirbel
3rd - Phil Rozier

Ladies podium

1st - Lily McBride
2nd - Lucy McCormick
3rd - Rachel Cockle

Rookies podium

1st - Matt Mepham
2nd - Urs Schirbel
3rd - Phil Rozier

Intermediates podium

1st - Craig Rea
2nd - Will Mathews
3rd - Joe Gibbs

Open podium

1st - Andrew Alston
2nd - Toby Yeo
3rd - Richard De Broekert

Next stop...

There are two more spots on the tour, therefor two more chances for you to take part or just offer support to those chasing that sponsorship deal or just their first podium top photo.