Hannams Wake Hub

Hannams Wake Hub
Stowbridge Farm, Cambridge Road
01353 649 683
8 obstacles

Hannam’s Wake Hub claim their park is a perfect learning spot for all levels of riders. They have two System 2.0 cables set up on waters.

Their first cable, 'The Pond' houses 2 kickers and a flatbox which means its an ideal setup for learners as well as the seasoned riders, all the way through  getting out of the water for the first time to your first aerial trick. Their second cable, 'The Park' has 5 obstacles; a pipe rail, spine kicker, rooftop, ollie box and an incline rail.

Hannam’s Wake Hub is run by brothers Ben and Terry Hannam who have both been riding and coaching for many years. So this park has been setup by riders for riders.

Hannams Wake Hub offer one on one coaching sessions, as well as introductory sessions for beginners, or free rides for those sessions with your buddies.

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Had an awesome time at Hannams. Great obstacles, great setting, friendly chilled atmosphere and they were very helpul getting us to try new things and progress. There is a camp site a couple miles away (not affiliated with cablepark), would definately go again, highly recommended!

Hannams was mega fun, really appreciated the vibe and hospitality the guys gave us. The set up is really well planned out so you have plenty of hits each direction and even with wind its was excellent conditions. Definitely would recommend it and will definitely be heading back. Im smitten.

I recently went on a road trip to Hannams Wake Hub with a group of friends. The place is awesome! It has a really chilled out atmosphere, its in quite a secluded spot so is perfect for getting away from the world and spending a few hours (or all day!)riding. The guys who run it are really friendly and gave us all some great coaching advice. The obstacles are loads of fun and in perfect condition, I think I might have fallen in love with kickers since this trip. Its well worth a visit, we had such a good time we are all hoping to go back soon...even though its a 6 hour round trip! keen!

A park run by wakeboarders for wakeboarders. The brothers are both super chilled and are only really bothered if you're having a good time and riding to your full potential. All the obstacles are top quality and its a massive cliché but it's the Rolls Royce of system 2 parks in the UK. Another road trip getting sorted in the next couple of weeks!