Just Wake

Just Wake
Sleaford Road
07429 192928
10 obstacles

Just Wake is a System 2 Cable Wake Board Park within Tattershall Lakes Country Park. Designed for all levels of Wakeboarders.

Just Wake Opened at the End of July 2012 with 2 System 2 cables, they also have plenty of obstacles to keep you occupied for hours.

Cable B - Has the following Obstacles, and is perfect for anyone new to Obstacles, or anyone trying out 180's/360's for the first time on Obstacles.
Manual Pad (Small Flat box, great first Obstacle)
Kicker - Fantastic ramp, great for getting BIG AIR
Box Rail - (Longer, Taller Version of the Manual Pad), Alot of fun, plenty of time for a 720!
Incline Rail - A bit thinner & higher than the others, but a lot of fun!

Cable A - This has the BIG RED BULL Obstacles.
The RED BULL - Pipe Rail (Used at Wakestock & Harbour Reach by the Pros)
The RED BULL - Quarter Pipe, The only Quarter Pipe in the UK!
A Kicker - Great for air tricks
Fun Box - The only Fun Box on a System 2 Park in the UK, great transfer box.

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