Lagoon Watersports

Lagoon Watersports
East Sussex
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Lagoon Wake Park is home to the south coasts first cable wakeboarding park based on Hove Lagoon, Brighton.

Cable Wakeboarding is a high speed action sport where the rider is towed by a cable at around 20mph performing jumps and tricks. Snowboarding revolutionised skiing, wakeboarding has reinvented waterskiing.

Lagoon Wake Park has two Sesitic system 2.0 straight line cables. This is the perfect wake boarding learning device, it is only you riding, nobody in front or behind you, just like a boat but with no wake. If you fall in the instructor will bring the handle right back to you.

It is perfect to learn new tricks. At all times our instructor is in control and can adjust the speed to suit your riding level. The turns at each end are quicker than a boat, jet ski or lap of a full cable and allow you to hit the same rail over 30 times in a ten minute session.

Lagoon Wake Park is suitable for all levels of riders. We have lots of beginners, intermediates, and even some Pros riding, including Matt Crowhurst, 5 x kitesurfing world champion Aaron Hadlow and Lewis Crathern.

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Great location, Great staff, Great obstacles. I'd happily recommend Hove Lagoon to any beginners or regular riders.