Breathe Boardwear

Breathe Boardwear was started by professional wakeboarder Cianne Naji in March 2011. Cianne sadly passed away in January 2013 but the brand boldy lives on in her memory.

Diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at the age of 2, Cianne rode competitively until she was 18 when her illness forced her to hang up her boots. Cianne’s idea was that, since she couldn’t ride any longer, she could channel her energy into the more creative side of things by designing shoes and tees. Starting Breathe allowed her to keep in touch with the wake community while doing what was probably her favourite thing after riding.

Breathe are now a team of 6 working out of their headquarters in Dublin. As well as raising the profile of women’s wakeboarding by promoting the sport and sponsoring some world class female riders like Raimi Merritt they also do great work promoting Cystic Fibrosis charities and even donating to 5% of all sales to the brilliant charities.

Q&A with Breathe Boardwear

'Wake, Work, Play' - please explain?

When we were first setting things up and waiting on our full lines (Ribbon and Rubix) to be finalized and put into production, we came up with a smaller line of items called ‘Hype’ so we could start getting the word out about our brand. As we were mainly using the ‘Just Breathe’ motto for the new lines, we wanted something catchy we could use with Hype and came up with the ‘Wake, Work, Play’ line at one of our many random brainstorming meetings. It matched up nicely with our philosophy of making clothes and equipment that are fun but also functional and so it stuck.

Do all the Breathe team follow the ethos of your own strapline - 'wake, work, play'?

The ‘wake’ element isn’t easy for those of us based in Dublin but a new cable (the 1st in the country!) has just opened about 10mins up the road from our offices so we really have no excuse now. As for the work/play – we try to strike a balance in the office between the two – it’s definitely a fun place to work!

When girls wear your clothing, what are you hoping they feel?

Comfortable, confident and ready for anything.

Any menswear on the horizon?

No plans for a mens line at the moment but we get a lot of guys rocking our hats and big buckle belts, which we think is awesome.

Outside of the wake industry, who would you most like to see wearing Breathe clothing and why?

This question nearly caused a riot in the office, with answers ranging from Jennifer Lawrence to Kat Von D….don’t suppose we can cop out and say ‘everyone’?!

If Breathe was to be twinned with a musical artist, who would it be?

Oooohhhhh we like this question! Let’s go with someone upbeat and colourful, like Grouplove or The Naked and Famous we reckon! Think ‘Summer Roadtrip Playlist’ type stuff – that’d be us in music form.

Finally, I have to ask - are the Breathe offices coloured in blue, pink and yellow paint?

Ha! Unfortunately not! There is some blue on the railings and stuff – maybe we should get the paintbrushes out….