Junction 23

There are lots of wakeboarding websites out there offering information, results, stats and videos of the wakeboarders (and wakekaters) we'd all like to immitate, but not many of them go behind the scenes and show you these riders going about their day to day lives as well as them hitting the waters.

Junction 23 gives you a good insight into the people behind the tricks and it does this with the quality and professionalism that is often lacking in many of the wake related projects on the web. They are aiming to serve us up regular doses of their videos. The first series, 'Ambassadors', has featured Junction 23's founder Toby Yeo, wakeskate guru Ollie Moore and Industry/Foxlakes very own James Hackney.

Q&A with Junction 23's Toby Yeo

What is Junction 23?

Junction 23 is a media source following a select group of riders in the form of videography, photographs and writing. There will also be an online shop where you can purchase the top quality goods that the guys involved all love and believe in.

What prompted the idea of Junction 23?

Well, I have always been really interested in the media/art side of the sport. I just feel there is so much potential for growth and someones gotta do it…

Where do you hope to see this project go?

All over the world for sure! Hopefully I can take this whole idea wherever I am and setup camp with my laptop by the pool in Bali or something!

No, Really just to get the younger generation stoked and inspired on the whole thing and sport in general. As well hopefully grow the clothing line and online shop and really try and get some aspiring videographers, photographers, creators and musicians involved with the programme that have a similar vision and give them an opportunity to get noticed.

Who's the joker, who's the sensible one and who has the most annoying habit?

Well Nic told me the other day that he ordered fish and chips in a curry house which I thought was a joke. We all have the pretty annoying habit of injuring are knees. That's annoying. Part of the parcel though.

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Cheers for the interview Wake HQ and we hope to see you out on the water soon.
Photo Credits: Andrew Eddy, Daniel Cairney