Ollie Moore

Ollie Moore is hot property right now and it's hard not to think of him when talking wakeskating. We caught up with Ollie to get some history and find out what he thinks and does...

A 5year old Ollie found his love for the water which clearly grew and grew. At the age of 16 he entered his first national contest "...just for fun to see how I would do" this 'trial' earned him the top spot on the podium. From this point on he slowly started switching his priorities from wakeboarding to wakeskating. At this moment in time he claims to be 95% wakeskate!

With some help from Neil Staples of Ultrasport and fellow pro Matt Crowhurst, he bagged his first sponsorship deal with Ultrasport/Liquid Force shortly after winning the Boat Nationals that year, since then his game has gone from strength to strength landing many titles along the way, not least wining the Boat Nationals every year since his debut!

He currently holds sponsorship deals with O'Neill, Teva Shoes, Southern Wakeskates, 360Ringz and Muvi Cameras.

Q&A with Ollie Moore

You've achieved quite a lot in the sport at the unripe age of 20, what goals have you set your sights on for the future?

Ollie Moore: "I basically want to keep things pushing forward for me with my wakeskating by doing lots of contests across Europe, maybe even a couple in the States and hopefully go on some trips to get lots of footage and photos and winch some more."

What has been your best day in the sport over the last year?

Ollie Moore: "My best day in wakeskating over the past year would have to be, when I got second at the IWWF cable Worlds out in the Philippines last November. It was a lot of fun to go somewhere new for me and experience such a different lifestyle to how we live in the UK. On the day of the final the nerves were starting to kick in a little but I was able to keep them at bay and land a clean first run to secure my second place spot on the podium, also with the warm weather, sun shining and the atmosphere of the crowded bank that just put a smile on my face to make it a sweet ending to the season."

I see you're currently studying, how regularly are essays or lessons skipped for the chance to ride?

Ollie Moore: "Well I’m currently at college studying a media course to widen my skills with filming/editing, taking photos and a few other things but I’m quite good at keeping my attendance up through the winter because the cold prevents me from riding. I do miss some when I’m off on trips to get some winter riding done like right now I’m out in Turkey shredding Hip-Notics for a few weeks to get back into riding for 2013."

Can you give us your 3 tip tips for anyone starting out on a wakeskate?

Ollie Moore: "Ok, so my three top tips for starting out on a wakeskate would be...

  1. Don’t give up easily.
  2. Prepare for a lot of swimming.
  3. Make sure your having fun!"

What's your favourite spot to ride?

Ollie Moore: "My favourite spots I usually ride back in the UK are my home spot MooreLake where I live just North of Peterborough and JBSki down in Thorpe, also Hip-Notics cable park is pretty fun to ride, being here right now for the first time."

How often do you get out and skate the streets rather than the waters?

Ollie Moore: "I haven’t been able to do very much skateboarding this winter with the amount of rain we have been having and also been resting/rehabilitating my knee for when I started riding again. Unfortunately I didn't get to do that much skating the streets in the last year or so but I got my fresh deck and have been watching plenty of videos over the winter getting me pumped.

Do you think wakeskating will ever be as popular as wakeboarding?

Ollie Moore: "I would like to say it will but it probably won’t.. There is always going to be more people trying out wakeboarding for the first time instead of trying a wakeskate, but that doesn’t mean wakeskating is always going to be an add-on to wakeboarding because skating is constantly progressing in the right direction and not following in wakeboarding’s foot steps with big things happening like the new Wakeskate Tour that started up last year giving a big kick in the street style of skating with all the pool gaps being built all over the place."

I'm sure you get asked this all the time but I couldn't resist - boat or cable?

Ollie Moore: "Haha, I did grow up riding behind a ski boat for quite a few years or so and I still enjoy boosting off a wake that’s for sure but with having a big influence from my street skating, the cable seems to be more fun doing all the skate tricks and hitting rails, the cable is also easier to go and ride on so it’s cable right now for me."