Sarah Kingdom

Sarah Kingdom is a professional wakeboarder with a true passion for all things wake. Not just any professional, at the time of writing this (Nov 2012) she is ranked number 1 in the world, which I can only imagine is a very exciting place to be - I'd struggle to be considered the best in my family, let alone the world!

As well as traveling the world to compete with the rest of the best, she runs, a website dedicated to the female wakeboarding community, this is where she really shows her commitment to the sport and fellow riders. Having spoken with Sarah it seems very clear she has a passion for helping push the sport forward as well as just using the sport for her own pleasure.

Like so many others I talk to, Sarah fell in love with wakeboarding on her very first session back in 2003, since then she has grown as a wakeboarder but claims to have gotten younger over the years thanks to the sport. After just three joyful years and one broken leg, she was the first UK female wakeboarder to be recognised as National Masters Champion, from there she has gone from strength to strength.

We took a few moments of Sarah's time to ask her a few questions, here's what she had to say...

Q&A with Sarah Kingdom

wakeHQ: What is your greatest achievement/accolade in the sport?

Sarah Kingdom: There have been lots of great achievements over the years, but most recently I’d have to say getting a World number 1 ranking after the World Championships is pretty special. I was the first girl to represent the Ladies Masters division in the UK in 2007 and have held the UK title every year since when the division has run. I was also Silver medallist at the 2009 Europeans, the first year that Ladies Masters was recognised as a division there as well. Other than that, 2007 was a great year, my first year competing and I got 2 National titles, in boat and cable. So you can see, I’ve been pretty chuffed about a lot of things!

wakeHQ: Related to the industry, tell me about the best day you've had in the past year?

Sarah Kingdom: Every year, we have our pilgrimage to the London Boat Show, an opportunity to catch up after the winter hibernation and get excited for the new season ahead. This year I was invited to head up the Girls talks and demo at the Pool Gap. Whilst a bit nerve racking, it was awesome starting the year with my name all over the schedule boards and getting to interview my mates as we preached ‘women’s wakeboarding’ to the Boat show masses. Other than that, nailing my run in the finals at the Worlds was a real highlight. I was ecstatic!

wakeHQ: Can you give us your 3 top tips for anyone starting out in the sport?

Sarah Kingdom:

  1. Bring a group of friends! It’s such a sociable sport and if you all want to progress, it’s great to have a ‘tag team’ for support and encouragement - and healthy competition!
  2. Speak to the local coaches for advice on what basic skills you need to master before moving forward – you’ll save yourself months of frustration if you have good solid basics.
  3. Respect that it’s physically demanding; warm up, cool down, stay hydrated and have adequate rest periods between sessions. Be kind to your body or wakeboarding won’t be kind to you!

wakeHQ: Boat or cable?

Sarah Kingdom: Aggghh that’s a tough one. I started on boat and my heart will always be with boat, but since I began progressing with cable, it had to take priority, but when I started getting air tricks, the heartache healed a little. I don’t get to ride boat anything like as much as I’d like, but landing my first attempt at a Raley on the boat this season, tugged at the heart strings once again! I guess I’ll always do both, I’ll never give up cable.

wakeHQ: What is your first choice board and bindings setup?

Sarah Kingdom: I currently ride the Slingshot Newton and Jewel bindings.

wakeHQ: Where is your favourite riding spot in the UK?

Sarah Kingdom: I try and ride at as many different lakes as possible, and every park has its own selling point, but there’s nothing quite like your home cable. I’ll always be drawn back to JBski.

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