Wide-a-wake is the number one spot on the web for women's wakeboarding in the UK. Set up a few years ago by top British wakeboarder, Sarah Kingdom, the site gives the girls all the latest info on the women's scene.

Whether you're looking for your local chicks-only session, beginners guides to getting on the water or pics of the girls throwing down some awesome tricks then wide-a-wake.com is the website for you. The site aims to lift the numbers of women in the sport as well as helping the regulars to progress and build the ever-growing community.

Q&A with Wide-a-wake

wakeHQ: Where would you like to see the women's scene in 2 years time?

Wide-a-wake: Given the progress of participation, female exposure, riding standards and numbers competing over the past 2 years, the next 2 years bodes really well for the UK women’s scene. I would very much expect that every category in competition is equally attended by male and female riders from Mini up to Masters, maybe even female Veterans, you never know. I’d like to see a lot more female inclusion in videos, corporate sponsors and support of brands for their inspirational, role model, female riders. We’re getting there. I think it’s fair to say that girls tours and competitions will be regular features on the wakeboarding calendar too.

wakeHQ: What is WAW's primary goal?

Wide-a-wake: Ultimately WAW want to help encourage greater female wakeboarding participation. This is the linchpin to everything else; more girls wakeboarding will raise the standard of riding, which will gather support from brands, encourage funding and recognition at competition, help the elite riders excel creating role models who in turn, encourage more girls to get involved, continuing the cycle of progression. With the possibility of 2020 Olympic games for wakeboarding, this has never been a more crucial time to help push for greater female wakeboarding participation.

wakeHQ: How do you think the ladies sessions differ from the mixed or male dominated ride sessions

Wide-a-wake: When girls see other girls on the water doing tricks, it becomes a possibility and soon after, a reality. The encouragement and motivation that a group of girls experience on the dock is wonderful. Of course, there’s banter and messing about too, it’s all about fun, but there’s no hint of intimidation that can sometimes occur when a group of lads are on the dock, for example. Girls also have to learn differently; they don’t have the same strength as guys to ‘save’ themselves given initial bad technique. So girls respond much better to more instruction and visualisation, getting their technique dialled rather than relying on sheer brawn! In a girls only environment, this is so much easier to get across.

wakeHQ: What words of wisdom do you have for any girls out there wanting to take the plunge into the sport?

Wide-a-wake: Just give it a go, you have nothing to lose! If you’re a bit unsure about it, grab a few girlfriends and head to your nearest Chicks session. There are ‘girls only’ sessions at boat lakes, cable parks and System 2.0 parks all over the country. Of course, you don’t have to go to a girls only session, but it’s a great way to find your feet at your own pace in a very friendly like-minded environment, where you can gauge how well you’re getting on.

wakeHQ: Girls to watch at the moment?

Wide-a-wake: There’s constantly new names on the block, but currently Lottie Harbottle a 14yr old wonder kid from WakeMK is grabbing our attention. Also Chloe Goudie. Whilst Chloe’s been on the competition circuit for some time, she’s really stepped up a gear this season and I’m very excited to see what she brings to 2013, likewise Katie Batchelor. Next season, a lot of new riders will be eligible for the Ladies Masters category. Reluctant to ride in Open, they’re now champing at the bit to compete in Masters, so this is a category worth looking out for next year.

wakeHQ: If WAW could change one thing about the sport what would it be?

Wide-a-wake: We’d make it always sunny and warm! But until miracles happen, we’ll have to rely on good wetsuits and a load of positive thinking and fun on the dock!

Go girls...

With wakeHQ and wide-a-wake having very similar goals, it's no surprise that we are fully behind them and we wish Sarah and her team all the success they deserve.