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An Ollie is a crucial element in wakeboarding and key to any rider's progression in the sport. Riders often struggle with the timing of a proper Ollie. This video will show you some effective on land training to make your Ollie’s much smoother and stronger.

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How to - On Land Ollie Training

One of the most important part of any rider's foundation is the ability to Ollie. Whether its a simple Ollie on the flat or an Ollie 360 over the wake, the more comfortable and smoothe your Ollie is, the easier the trick is going to be. Many rider's struggle with the timing or co-ordination of performing an Ollie correctly.  Like most tricks, the more you practice them the easier they become.

Practicing your Ollie on land can be a great start to get a good feel for the timings. Find yourself a large open space to practice this, grass is best to protect your board, obviously avoid hard surfaces like concrete or gravel. If you have removable fins on your board, it would be good to take these off. Not having fins on will also give you extra flex on your board.

Once strapped into your board, rock back onto the tail as hard as you can without falling over. While leaning back on your tail with the board flexed, do a couple of  strong bounces. On the second bounce, push off the tail of the board to get into the air while at the same time raising up your front knee. This will allow you to get higher into the air. While in the air, at the peak of your Ollie, raise up your back leg to level out the board.

When coming back down, try to land the board flat with equal pressure on both feet. To get the most out of your board, be sure to use all of your body weight to bounce on the tail.

Once you have tried this lots of times and feel a bit more comfortable with the motion and timing, then it's time to take this onto the water. As well as helping you get more height of your Ollies, it will also help you break the suction created between the water and your board.

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