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This tutorial walks you through the different elements that will add style to your wakeboarding.

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How to - Ride with style

Every rider has their own unique style and this will become more apparent with experience and time on the water. As you learn any new trick it will feel awkward and uneasy. Every rider learns the trick first then the style follows naturally as you become comfortable with the trick.

Style can be defined as adding those 'extra touches' to a trick to help you stand out from the crowd. These 'extras' such as a grab, poke or shifty are what give board sports such a great look.

This video will show you each element with a simple wake jump so as to not confuse the primary focus. Before we start, it should be pointed out that before adding 'style' to any trick its important to learn the trick in its simplest form first, once you are comfortable with the trick then you can add some style.

A basic wake jump will have no style and is often referred to as a 'dead sailor' becuase you stand stall and there is no movement while in the air, you then bend the knees to abosorb the landing. This will be the base to the following elements of style.

The next step is the knees-up jump, similar in its beginning to the 'dead sailor' but once you have left the wake you bring your knees up towards your arms. It should always be knees and board up and resist taking your head and shoulders down. This will help you maintain control whilst in the air.

Once you are comfortable with the knees-up jump, you can start adding some style by releasing either hand and trying a grab, poke or shifty.

Now, instead of a knees-up position lets add a shifty in either direction, frontside or backside. To perform a shifty you need to pull against the handle and twist your lower body while keeping the board flat beneath you.

To give it even more style you can do the same shifty but bring your heels up to give the shifty some 'Air'. To do a backside shifty you bring your heels up so the riders in the boat can see graphics on the bottom of your board making the move a BS Air instead of just a BS Shifty.

Finally you can try a  board poke, which are also known as nose bones and tail bones. For this move you just pull one knee up while extending the opposite leg as straight as possible which pokes either the nose or the tail depending on which combination of pull or push you choose. Pulling your back knee up and extend your front leg is a nose bone and then try the opposite combination for a tail bone.

These elements of style can be added to many tricks, including airs and spins so next time you're on the water try one or all of the above and create your own style.

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