Wake jump variations

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Here we look at how adjusting a few simple elements can result in many different types of wake to wake jumps.

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How to - Wake jump variations

Simple wake jumps can become tricky without an understanding of the main variables and variations of jump.

To understand the two variables, lets consider the edging from one side of the boat to the other, the side-to-side motion, adjusting the speed of this side-to-side motion will give us different distances of our jump. And let's call the standing tall motion, an up-or-down motion which will give our jumps a different height. Different combinations of these two variables will produce different wake jumps.

Before we look at the jump variations lets talk about how to maintain your balance in the air. To counter the tension of the line trying to pull you forward it's important to stand tall against your edge as you ride over the wake.

Starting with a wide approach to the wake and a slow edge in will mean your distance will be limited becuase of the slow side-to-side speed. If we add some tall stiff legs to that approach it will result in a high wake to wake jump.

Taking a shorter approach and a hard edge to the wake can give you the same result as a wide approach and stiff legs. You are just using a different combination of the two variables. This type of jump is ideal for tricks that require high line tension to get you the big pop, such as a Heelside or Toeside Backroll.

Taking the same short edge in to the wake but absorbing the wake with bent legs, you will still clear the wake because of the speed side to side but your height will be decreased. This is known as a speed jump. It's a good idea to try this jump just to experience how line tension and edge can combine to give you pop.

Trying different combinations of approach, edge and legs is the tool you need to progress towards popping more advanced tricks down the road.

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