Your ultimate on-water warmup

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A good warmup for your first run is always a good idea, it will help loosen you up and also reinforce some of those basic skills that are often overlooked.

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How to - Your ultimate on-water warmup

This sequence is a series of steps that will warm up your legs and get you used to the speed of the boat and the pop of the wake before trying out your first tricks. This should help you avoid those falls that happen to riders that go straight into it 100%.

Firstly you should be doing some basic carving on the flats outside the wakes. Carving in the flats will help you warm up both edges of the board and helps you with the transitions from edge to edge. It should be done on both sides of the wake so you warm up all four of the turns that can be made behind the boat.

For a regular footed rider you will have a Toeside loose rope turn and then a Heelside leverage turn on the left side of the wake as you can see here and then the turns will be the opposite on the other side of the wake. A leverage turn requires lean against the rope and is any turn that moves away from the wake. A loose rope turn is any turn that turns towards the wakes and these turns are very different in feeling and require more lean into the board rather than leverage on the line. A Heelside loose rope turn on one side of the wake feels very different then a Heelside leverage turn on the other side so it is very important to warm up both so you establish better board control.

Step two will be some basic Ollies on both sides of the wake and should be done in a continous fashion so you learn to better resist the water's pop. If you do just one Ollie at a time you won't really learn to resist as well as if you rebound for a few bounces. Be sure to do it on both sides to warm your legs and over time you will also notice your wake jumps improve.

The final stage of the warm-up will help you get a feel for the pop of the wake before you do your first trick on the wake. A re-entry Ollie pop will allow you to pop off the part of the wake with the most energy so you can get a feeling of how hard the wake will be. This is also a drill that helps you better resist the water which, over time, will improve your wake to wake pop. If you are facing the wakes you are doing frontside re-entries and if your back is to the wake you are doing backside re-entries. You shoud be doing these single handed and on both sides of the wake.

To save yourself time you can try doing all three steps on one side of the wake before moving over to the other side. When you first come up onto water, carve out to the edge on your heelside and begin doing 'S' shaped carves. After two or three carves progress to step two on the same side of the wake and do a few rebound Ollies and then do a big single Ollie. After your Ollies you should move to the third step and do your re-entry Ollie pops off the wake.  

Now you've completed this side, edge across the wakes and perform the same sequence on the other side.


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