Waking the Basilica


The Basilica Cistern in Istanbul, Turkey. Built in 542 AD, it hosted Frederic Von Osten and Dominik Gührs, two of the best wakeboard athletes in the world. They rode their wakeboards between historical columns for a very special project.

Renowned for its historical wealth, Istanbul also added wakeboarding underground to its never-ending list of urban legends. The 1500-year-old Basilica Cistern hosted the special project of Red Bull athletes Frederic Von Osten and Dominik Gührs. Having won many victories around the world, the two athletes are now striving to break new ground by riding their wakeboards at special locations all around the world.

After stating that as the intersection point of diverse cultures, Istanbul is the best possible location for this special project, Von Osten said the following about the project: “This is my first time in Istanbul. It’s a beautiful and very big city. It’s full of history. It was really impressive to encounter one of the most extraordinary locations suitable for wakeboarding in this historical city. I've been good friends with Dominik for a long time, and we attended many competitions together. This time, it was great to ride without the pressure of competition in a fascinating historical location. Let me put it this way: I’ve never had such a breath-taking experience before. While people walked and street cars passed above us, we were riding wakeboard underground.”